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Holdback Male Dunner GS pos het trans/hypo( 100% Monster)

sku: RM.F03.05.25.2024


Approximately 21G

Dominant Holdback quality dark Dunner Genetic Stripe monster male with outstanding color, saturation and structure that doesn’t get any better. He’s gaining more color and saturation and will be an amazing future breeder as he’s already bobbing as baby lol. He’s Growing strong and steady!


Pairing: 100% RM Dunner GS double het X 100% RM GS leatherback


These are younger babies so experienced keepers preferred

Male holdback Dunner GS pos het trans/hypo( 100% Red Monster)

SKU: RM.F03.05.25.2024
    • We guarantee that the animal being delivered is the exact one represented in the product advertisement.
    • We guarantee the sex, genetics, and health of the animal. If we sex the animal wrong, the genetics are not what was stated in the ad, or the customer determines the animal isn’t healthy, we will provide a full refund including shipping costs, for a time period of 7 days from the time the animal is delivered to the customer. Refunds will not be issued until the dragon is returned.
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